August 10, 2022

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SAMD11 Provides Two Serial Ports For Price Of One

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SAMD11 Provides Two Serial Ports For Price Of One

Even though the typical personal computer user likely hasn’t supplied considerably believed to the lowly serial port in a long time, the exact can not be said for the components hacker. Low-priced serial-to-USB adapters are a must have for snooping debug ports or programming chips, and if you check with us, you can under no circumstances have far too a lot of laying around the bench. [Quentin Bolsée] loves them so much that he’s even figured out how to make a twin-port adapter with a SAMD11C14 microcontroller.

As [Quentin] clarifies in the publish-up, this is not just some kind of Y-cable. When connected to the host laptop or computer, the adapter shows up as two distinct serial ports, every with impartial settings for things like baud rate and parity. This handy minor gadget will permit you faucet into the serial ports of two devices simultaneously if you’re searching to do some Hollywood-style hacking, but more practically, it enables you to create a debug and programming interface to the same board utilizing just just one USB relationship.

[Quentin] milled a custom made PCB for his adapter, which we have to say looks phenomenal, but all those with more limited machines at dwelling ought to be ready to ship the MIT certified board information off for generation. He’s also delivered the resource code for the SAMD11C14’s firmware, so you have acquired every little thing you have to have to spin up your have model of this neat software.

Two ports not more than enough for your parallel hacking needs? Believe that it or not, we’ve also found a quad USB-to-serial adapter that you can put alongside one another, while it’s a considerably additional intricate circuit. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.