Roborock H7 Cordless Vacuum Review: It Packs a Punch

Maria J. Smith
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Roborock H7 Cordless Vacuum

“Dyson far better view out because the Roborock H7 is a light-weight contender with a heavyweight punch”

  • Enhanced charging occasions
  • Potent suction
  • Effective air filtration
  • Simple mounting and storage
  • Minimal cleaning time, in particular on higher power modes

The new Roborock H7 Cordless Vacuum follows on the heels of an additional current release from the organization — the Roborock H6 Adapt. Even though the H6 Adapt is an extraordinary vacuum cleaner that conveniently taken care of each problem I threw at it, the H7 is just as impressive and delivers a number of upgrades to the table, which include the addition of a dust bag.

The dust bag lets the Roborock H7 to consist of grime and dust without having any of it escaping into the air. It also will make for tidier disposal and simpler cleansing of the vacuum. Next are our impressions after expending some time with the Roborock H7 Cordless Vacuum.

Add-ons: A merry bunch

Like the Roborock H6 Adapt, the H7 comes with a complete lineup of add-ons and cleansing applications to assistance you arrive at into any and each individual nook and cranny in your home. The H7 involves a baton, crevice resource, dusting brush, flex tube, motorized mini-brush, multisurface brush, and a dust bag holder.

Nearly all of these tools suit neatly into the dock, which makes it possible for for compact, out-of-the-way storage of the vacuum when not in use. The dock rates the H7 when mounted, so you can select it up and use it whenever you have to have. As an additional bonus, pretty much all of the extras are also magnetized. You can attach them to the facet of the fridge or the washing device just as very easily as you can the dock.

Thanks to all of these components, it was straightforward to transition the H7 from vacuuming up a flour spill in the kitchen area to cleansing the stairs. The crevice software allowed me to vacuum dirt from the corners underneath the cupboards where my robotic mop unsuccessful to clear.

On its own, the Roborock H7 is a effective vacuum cleaner, but the inclusion of these accessories can make it effortless to use in most any context — even cleaning out the vehicle.

Effectiveness: Impressive suction meets uncomplicated handling

Like the H6 Adapt, the Roborock H7 has various cleansing modes propelled by a potent motor. The 480-watt motor generates a remarkable amount of money of suction. There are 3 standard modes: Eco, Regular, or Max. The LED readout on the take care of tells you which manner you are in, as effectively as how substantially battery daily life continues to be.

Eco Method is the most electric power-friendly, but is also the weakest of the three cleansing modes and is suitable for most working day-to-working day vacuuming work opportunities.

Regular Method is much more highly effective, but at the price tag of the battery. Max Mode is the most powerful solution, but it is by much the loudest. Its suction is just about enough to pull paint from a car, but if you have grime and dust ground deep into your carpet, MAX Manner will pull it out.

You really do not have to maintain the bring about depressed, either. A compact button on the aspect of the tackle will activate Maintain Mode, which signifies the vacuum will continue on to operate even devoid of the cause becoming pulled. This spares your hand a little bit of strain throughout all those extended cleansing periods. Just push the Maintain button at the time additional to deactivate it.

The Roborock H7 supplies about 90 minutes of cleaning on a one charge when in Eco method. If you even now aren’t done, don’t be concerned — it only demands around 2.5 hrs to fully recharge, a definite advancement about the 4 several hours expected by the H6 Adapt.

Air excellent is at the forefront of the layout

Roborock has set a great deal of effort into bettering air quality with its vacuum designs, and the H7 is no exception to this. A HEPA filter removes particles from the air as you clean up and stores them in a leakproof dustbin. The filter is created to capture particles as modest as .3 microns.

The design of the vacuum implies that no particles will escape by cracks in the vacuum and get into the air about you. Even so, if you want to get an further step to enhance your air good quality, the Roborock H7 consists of uncomplicated-to-observe guidelines on installing the dust bag.

My cat sheds a whole lot, but the Roborock H7 picked up noticeably additional pet hair than the H6 Adapt.

This bag captures particles and permits for quick disposal. Just clear away the bag and toss it in the rubbish. The Roborock H7 consists of two disposable dust luggage, but alternative luggage can be purchased.

Just after a few cycles, you may possibly detect dust buildup within the front and rear filters, within the cyclone by itself, and in the dustbin. All of these components are removable and washable in typical h2o. Just operate them underneath h2o till fully clean, and then make it possible for to them dry entirely for 24 hrs before reassembly.

Our consider

The Roborock H7 delivers modest but required improvements to the Roborock lineup of adhere vacuums. Though it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, the quicker charging time, optional dust bag add-ons, and enhanced suction would make it a good buy for anyone.

Where the H7 genuinely shines, at minimum in my experience, was in cleansing up pet hair. My cat sheds a good deal, but the Roborock H7 picked up noticeably much more pet hair than the H6 Adapt. When the value place has improved to $500, the faster charging time minimizes the need to have for a spare battery for prolonged vacuuming careers, building it properly truly worth the added price tag.

How prolonged will it previous?

With suitable care, the Roborock H7 will final for many years. Challenging plastic offers it a lighter fat than the competitors, but that doesn’t indicate it’s vulnerable to hurt. Just retain it out of immediate daylight and the vacuum ought to previous for many years. Must something go incorrect, Roborock delivers a just one-calendar year warranty.

Is there a better substitute?

The $500 selling price level may possibly be a bit prohibitive to someone a price range. If you want to minimize costs, the Shark WandVac is a good choice that is the two a cordless vacuum and a handheld all-in-one. On the other hand, if you’re seeking for a leading-of-the-line vacuum and cost isn’t a dterrent, the Dyson V11 Torque Travel is a terrific option that will thoroughly clean up your floors.

Ought to you obtain it?

Of course. Roborock has verified its dedication to reliable improvements and top quality, and the Roborock H7 is the greatest cordless vacuum the organization provides at this time.

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