Never Miss An Email With This 1970s Style Desktop Notifier

Maria J. Smith

If you like the 1970s aesthetic but assume bell-bottoms, big hair and psychedelic wallpaper are a little bit too a great deal in this working day and age, you could possibly want to have a seem at [Pierre Muth]’s most recent make, The Absurd Notifier. It is a helpful desk accent that adds just a tiny bit of ’70s aptitude to your business office: housed within what looks like an orange Television set standing on shiny steel toes is a small gadget that can inform you if you’ve obtained critical electronic mail messages waiting around or an appointment coming up.

[Pierre] created the process all-around a Garmin Vivosmart 3 smartwatch that he purchased very cheaply since it experienced a damaged display screen. The display’s pinout and protocol ended up of class undocumented, so [Pierre] hooked up his logic analyzer to check out and determine out how it labored. It turned out to be a basic SPI setup, and with a little bit of trial and error he was in a position to extract the photos that the view was sending out.

To switch the damaged display screen, [Pierre] turned to some 128×64 pixel VFD displays that he had remaining above from an previously job. Their resolution was precisely the identical as the Garmin’s authentic OLED exhibit, but their interface was not: the VFDs anticipated 115k2 serial info. Programming a PIC microcontroller with an SPI port on one side and a UART port on the other created for a basic bridge concerning the two.

[Pierre] then made and 3D printed a situation reminiscent of a 1970s Tv set, with matching shiny orange colour. The end outcome is a funky minor retro clock that exhibits notifications on a vintage eco-friendly screen. If you like desktop notifiers, we viewed quite a few neat kinds alerting their house owners about issues ranging from new YouTube subscribers to the ISS passing by.

Many thanks for the suggestion, [Adrian]!

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