August 18, 2022

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Hard(er) Drives: Impractical, Slow, Amazing, And Incredible

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Hard(er) Drives: Impractical, Slow, Amazing, And Incredible

Computer system memory is a challenge that has been solved for lots of years. But early on, it was extra than just a smaller challenge. We have many of the distinct forms at Hackaday around the a long time, and we’ll backlink to some of them later on. But just one of the authentic forms of memory was called Delay Line memory, which worked by ready for a sign to propagate slow plenty of through a unit that it was basically saved in the product. This was extremely inefficient, but even now a neat principle- one particular that [Tom7] has taken to completely new amounts of astounding and impractical as seen in the online video below the break.

These kinds of components as “harm to society” are artfully thought of

Starting with a demonstration of orbiting chainsaws, he then moves on to outlining how radio propagation waves could be utilised to briefly shop details while it is in transit. He skipped the possibility to contact it cloud storage, but we’ll forgive him. Extrapolating that even further, he made the decision to use the Entire World wide web to shop details without the need of its permission, utilizing huge ICMP packets and even building it offered as block storage in Linux.

Not information to use the overall Online to keep a few kb of information, he moved on to several thousand virtualized NES video game programs which are all playing “an stock management survival horror game” typically regarded as Tetris. [Tom7] deconstructs Tetris, analyzing its Random Selection Generator, gaming the program to store information in digital NES consoles by the 1000’s. What facts did he retailer? The supply code to Tetris for the NES. And what did he do with it? Well, he mounted it and ran the program, of study course!

The very last More difficult Travel we’ll leave for individuals who want to enjoy the video, simply because it’s a bit on the “ewww gross!” facet of points but is also a little bit much less effective because of to some magic smoke getting produced.

If none of these points we have talked about were being sufficient, then watch the movie for an outstanding breakdown of the expense, efficiency, and even the harm to culture. For enjoyment, he also tosses blockchain into the mix to see how it fares in opposition to the More durable Drives. There is also at minimum one particular easter egg in the online video, and the whimsical dialogue of engineering is equally entertaining and inspiring. How would you carry out a More difficult Travel?

[Tom7] also gives you the possibility to follow together with the pleasurable and mayhem by making significantly of the code accessible for your perusal. For more pleasurable reading, check out this stroll down laptop or computer memory lane that we included past 12 months, as properly as a look into Acoustic Delay Line memory. at?v=JcJSW7Rprio © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.