Elgato Facecam Review: An Elegant Streaming Expense

Maria J. Smith

The new WFH (do the job from home) surge has surely been very good to the webcam current market, as even tech newcomers have reluctantly needed to hunt down respectable online video conferencing hardware for Zoom conferences and the like.

Streamers, on the other hand, are utilised to the webcam sport. Although, if you are a significant streamer or material creator, you are possibly now utilizing anything like Razer’s Kiyo Professional or Dell’s a short while ago introduced Ultrasharp 4K webcam (or DSLR if you have leveled up).

Enter Elgato’s $200 Facecam, which boasts 1080p 60fps recording, flash memory for quick settings recovery, fantastic graphic top quality, strong companion computer software and both of those Windows and Mac compatibility.

These options are commendable, but the lack of an on-board microphone, conspicuously lacking HDR and 4K abilities, some bizarre intermittent visual glitches underneath particular lighting conditions, as perfectly as a somewhat hefty rate tag could deter potential adopters.

The Outsides

Unveiled from its manufacturer-standard blue packaging, the Elgato Facecam is a solid, if rather endearingly chunky, webcam. Weighing in at just 99 grams, it is deceptively gentle and hardly ever felt like it was putting any abnormal drive down on my pc monitor. The bundled detachable cable connects via USB-C on the back of the most important device and USB-A to your computer’s I/O.

The Facecam involves USB 3. to operate — the Camera Hub software wouldn’t even realize the product when connected to my rig’s peasant-standing USB 2.. So rest assured, the interface is snappy, and it’s sending uncompressed video clip with small latency.

Whilst it is almost certainly sufficient for a superior quantity of streaming setups, I discovered the USB cable length to be fairly missing. Of system, it all relies upon on how far your laptop is from your watch, so if you have factors distribute out quite a bit like I do, I’d propose investing in a individual, extended, superior quality USB-C to USB-A cable so you’re not unintentionally yanking the Facecam off your screen when adjusting matters on your desktop hardware.

At the very least, and in contrast to other webcams I have tried out, the bundled cable is in fact detachable, allowing for for size customization.

A first rate check mount is provided, which is outfitted with tender padding to keep your display from having scratched when working with the Facecam. I had to open up up the mount nearly to its greatest capability to in shape it on my screen, and even then, there was in all probability a quarter of an inch plastic overhang wherever the mount grasped the front of my watch.

This is a downside to working with the Facecam with the observe mount, due to the fact based on your monitor’s form and dimension, you may well be dealing with some degree of see obstruction. Naturally, your mileage may perhaps vary.

Also, the mount permits for several levels of tilt and swivel, but you won’t get any aspect to aspect pivot adjustments. It would have been pleasant if Elgato experienced as a substitute opted for some form of ball bearing style that allowed for more various motion. Not that you are going to be needing that type of freedom if you are just making use of it to stream on Twitch, but still.

In other phrases, if you want a lot more directional versatility with the Facecam, you are going to have to have to deliver your have mounting option by using the threaded connection on the bottom of the system.

Then there’s the lens privacy protect. Though I completely value Elgato even which includes a lens deal with in the initial location (Razer’s unique Kiyo didn’t), it is somewhat finicky to get rid of for seize and then reinstall when you want that additional layer of privacy defense. Due to the fact of the odd condition of my Computer system check, I identified myself fumbling with the Facecam all through this covering approach and occasionally outright accidentally pushing it off my show.

I’d much rather have an integrated option that easily slides about the lens with the uncomplicated press of a lever or button. Owning the lens go over be detachable, at the very least in my assessment expertise, resulted in some insignificant annoyances that slowed down the Facecam’s basic usability. I get that lens handles for webcams border on paranoid for the typical user, but I do like obtaining them, and I do like them remaining simpler to use.

Talking of the initial Razer Kiyo, I do pass up its created-in ring mild. It was not the most highly developed lighting answer, but for what it was, it added some first rate generation benefit to a darker home. The Facecam appears remarkably great in reduced light-weight, but unless you own a individual ring mild, you’re out of luck for on-board lights.

And finally, there is a blue LED that lights up on the deal with of the webcam to point out every time it is in use. That way you are going to know when that pesky Globe Wide World wide web hacker has tapped into your Computer system and is recording you feeding on Pizza Hut whilst actively playing the most up-to-date PS1 demo disc.

The Insides

The Facecam athletics an 8-ingredient all glass primary lens (go through: preset lens, no autofocus), an f/2.4 aperture, 24 mm focal size, a non-adjustable 82° discipline of view (over and above the terrible electronic zoom) and the very same Sony Starvis CMOS sensor uncovered in Dell’s Ultrasharp 4K webcam. According to Elgato, the lens has eighteen levels of anti-reflective coating, and having a vivid flashlight to it, I can say it retains lens flare down to a manageable minimum amount.

1 internal feature I located somewhat practical was the on-board flash memory, which allows you to help you save all of your Camera Hub configurations immediately to the Facecam. This does not seem like a huge deal, but it permits you to unplug the Facecam and shift it around to another personal computer on the fly, in which you’ll find all of your diligently tweaked configurations in-tact.

It is an superb excellent-of-life element that is extremely practical if you have numerous laptops or desktops and need to have to swiftly improve components for a rapid Zoom conference or gaming stream in a different part of the home.

I do have to take note that this characteristic wasn’t performing effectively for me until I updated the Facecam’s firmware to variation 2.52. Now it will work like a appeal.

An obvious omission from Elgato’s Facecam is any form of on-board microphone. Yes, it is ordinarily ill-suggested to use any webcam’s crafted-in mic, on the grounds that they’re normally some degree of ‘inside-a-trash-can-terrible’, but it immediately helps make the Facecam much less all-in-one adaptable than other equally priced offerings like Razer’s Kiyo Professional. Dell’s Ultrasharp also does not have a microphone, by the way.

I suppose that if you have the funds to invest in Elgato’s expensive streaming ecosystem then you possibly now have a great standalone microphone (like the Wave 3, for instance), but it’d be awesome if the Facecam could be applied for streaming, recording or conferences all on its possess, even with the envisioned reduced audio excellent of an on-board mic.

It would definitely conserve buyers the inconvenience of lugging a dedicated mic in excess of to the following Facecam location.

The Program

Digicam Hub is the devoted companion application for Elgato’s Facecam where you can regulate options like digital zoom, picture, publicity and processing. What’s terrific is that any settings you tweak in Digital camera Hub get saved directly to the Facecam, and no issue where by you go the webcam to following, all those configurations comply with with out obtaining to obtain and use the software package yet again on one more Computer system or notebook.

For the most component, all the default vehicle options seemed very very good in my belief, and most demanded negligible tinkering. When I retained the white balance on automobile, I did a bit tweak points like contrast, sharpness and saturation. Not much, and only by a number of factors every single.

Furthermore, there’s no history blur solution in Camera Hub, so if you want that faux Hollywood influence, you may want to include it by way of one thing like NVIDIA Broadcast, which also has automobile frame and its personal sounds reduction influence to boot.

Talking of which, I discovered Digital camera Hub’s sounds reduction setting to be superior for several small light-weight scenarios but it tended to make all the things also fuzzy and delicate for my style, so I ordinarily held it off.

And lastly, Elgato has by now launched an update to Camera Hub considering the fact that the Facecam’s launch that includes different bug fixes and the means to mirror the software’s video clip preview. I’m absolutely sure it’s the very first of quite a few updates and I appear forward to seeing what receives extra about time.


As opposed to the Kiyo Professional or Dell Ultrasharp, Elgato’s Facecam lacks good HDR help, and there’s no 4K guidance either. No matter whether or not you require these benefits for streaming is up to you. Without the need of HDR or 4K, the Facecam even now data much more than satisfactory footage, even in low mild, even though factors would be even much better with individuals previously described (and missing) extras.

But let’s be honest: If you’re streaming on Twitch or YouTube, you’re likely not looking to, or needing to, broadcast in 4K. The the greater part of streamers that I watch, at the pretty minimum, are locked into 1080p and which is how I see them in source manner. In other words, 1080p is more than adequate for the average streaming set up.

So Elgato’s Facecam is, at its ideal, a 1080p 60fps webcam, which puts it in immediate competition with comparable larger-end webcam choices like Razer’s Kiyo Professional. I tended to like employing the Facecam at 1080p 30fps, only for the reason that I felt the graphic quality was much more to my style. You can also do 720p60, 720p30, 540p60 and 540p30, however at the small close you could possibly as well be streaming to Twitch on a potato.

So how does the Facecam’s footage search? Seriously, truly great, particularly for a webcam. The lens captures plenty of element, and even nevertheless the device’s FOV is constrained to that mounted 82° (contrary to Razer’s Kiyo Pro), I believe it’s a first rate sweet spot for most use situations. I would propose operating the Facecam with some excellent exterior lights for the greatest success, although.

Now on to that aforementioned set emphasis lens. The very good information is that devoid of autofocus, the Facecam is not undertaking that distracting chasing-you-around regime that other webcams are wont to do, striving in vain to lock into the clearest shot with every go you make.

To me, this changeup is good. The downside in this article, nevertheless, is that if what you’re recording or streaming falls outdoors of the Facecam’s established 11.8 – 47.2 inch emphasis range, items start out to get a tiny messy. I really do not feel the average consumer is heading to vacation outdoors of that range, as streamers tend to keep at their desks and, you know, participate in movie online games. So, in that perception, it’s primarily a moot concern, compared with specified random glitches I encountered.

Unusually, there’s a strange flickering existing on the Facecam’s visible feed in all the software I attempted, most notably throughout any footage that’s set to 60fps. It is intermittent and appears to ramp up in decrease light filming, as I found it significantly significantly less through the day and with extraneous lights on.

There are two anti-flicker configurations in Digicam Hub, 50 Hz and 60 Hz, neither of which ever managed to proper the difficulty. I assumed that perhaps the dilemma would go absent with the newest firmware and application updates, but no this sort of luck. I even experimented with lessening the shutter speed to no avail. I also attempted to test a distinctive cable to see if that would cure the trouble but none of the random USB-C to USB-A cables I had laying all-around would even create a signal on the Facecam.

It is not a offer-breaker by any suggests, as it does not happen all the time. And like I stated previously, from what I managed to deduce, it appears to be to be impacted by mild amounts. With any luck , it can get patched out at some level.

Beyond flickering, I have listened to rumblings about the Facecam randomly freezing for different prospects, but I can honestly say I have never seasoned this issue. Also, there is some negligible picture distortion when you get out to the much edges of the Facecam’s industry of perspective, but it’s nothing at all far too extreme, and not virtually as lousy as other webcams I have attempted.

Anything else to note is that even just after many hours of continual use, the Facecam scarcely got warm to the contact, and I’d attribute that to the tailor made heatsink Elgato touts in its marketing and advertising.

It is also significant to mention that the Facecam does interface with Elgato’s well-liked Stream Deck, so if you are already invested in the company’s considerable line of streaming peripherals, including this webcam could be somewhat seamless. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Stream Deck to examination this compatibility.


It is not likely that Elgato’s Facecam is heading to exchange any form of high-priced 4K DSLR Cam Url set up (what webcam would), but with the way Elgato has built its new device and software program, it feels like the penultimate phase in top quality just before you’d go the extra serious professional digital camera route.

Despite its little missteps, I imagine the Facecam is a good choice for streamers seeking to immediately and simply improve their broadcasts without the need of totally breaking the lender. Extra relaxed end users, on the other hand, shouldn’t assume the Facecam to double as an audio enter device for primary conferencing, and do assume to fork out a lot more for Elgato’s gadget than similar, and absolutely lesser, webcams on the industry.

The significant query is: Are people today however obtaining webcams? Elgato appears to feel so. Whilst the Facecam can’t contend with people elite mirrorless digicam rigs you may perhaps have witnessed on the internet, its plug-and-perform relieve of use, available program and sound video clip high quality, surely make for a powerful webcam argument.

Disclosure: Elgato delivered evaluation merchandise for protection purposes.

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