Driverless cars’ AI plan, and stretching cells with a robotic shoulder

Maria J. Smith

I have combed the world wide web to come across you today’s most pleasurable/essential/scary/interesting tales about technology.

1 New privacy-centered apps are unwell-equipped to cope with moderation demands
It will make maintaining the harmony among privateness and policing additional complex. (WP $)
+ How to have genuine discussions with kids about the Texas shooting. (The Atlantic $)

2 Major Tech’s lobbying initiatives are paying out off
Democrats are wary of backing antitrust laws for fear of losing their slender the greater part. (Politico)
+ Business lobbyists have properly weakened privacy regulation attempts, also. (The Markup)
+ What does breaking up Huge Tech seriously necessarily mean? (MIT Engineering Overview)

3 The comforting feeling of touch is rough to replicate
But researchers are attempting their finest with sensors and prostheses. (Countrywide Geographic $) 
+ Inventing soft things to remedy challenging challenges. (MIT Know-how Critique)

4 Our obsession with restoring mother nature is unhelpful 🌲
Dwelling ecosystems are not intended to be static environments, so why do we address them like they are? (New Statesman $)
+ “A Trillion Trees” is a fantastic idea—that could develop into a harmful local climate distraction. (MIT Technological innovation Critique)

5 A Japanese toy enterprise owns a stake in 4Chan
And sexualized anime figures could reveal why. (Wired $)
+ The malicious rumor a trans individual was accountable for the Texas capturing started off on 4Chan. (Rolling Stone)

6 Students are afraid of getting accused of cheating by an algorithm 
Faculties are positioning also substantially have faith in in units which can make flawed judgments. (NYT $)

7 How start control could modify in a article-Roe world
Like “night before” drugs and sperm-prohibiting gels. (Neo.Life)
+ Knowledge harvesting is most likely to worsen if abortion is banned. (FT $)
+ Activists are helping Texans get access to abortion products on the internet. (MIT Know-how Critique)

8 Africa’s current market traders are flourishing thanks to supply chain startups
Enabling them to order merchandise in bulk without the need of obtaining to travel. (FT $)
+ Important blockchain initiatives are flooding into the continent, also. (Quartz)

9 ​​How to hold up with the information with no obtaining overwhelmed
Turning off notifications is a fantastic location to start out. (WP $)

10 An AI has painted a disturbing portrait of the Queen
And critics are fewer than impressed with the outcome. (The Guardian)
+ The dark mystery behind all those sweet AI-created animal visuals. (MIT Technological innovation Critique)

The huge story

Why you really do not genuinely know what you know
October 2020

What does it really imply to know something? How well can we comprehend the entire world when so significantly of our information depends on evidence and argument delivered by some others?

These concerns matter not only to experts. Several other fields are getting much more complex, and we have obtain to considerably extra info and educated viewpoints than at any time just before. Nonetheless at the exact same time, growing political polarization and misinformation are creating it hard to know whom or what to belief. Read the whole tale.

—Matthew Hutson

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+ There confident are a ton of monkeys scattered through the history of art.
+ An ambitious few are hoping to take in their way around the world by recreating foods from each country—in alphabetical buy.
+ This love letter to towns is a reminder of what is terrific about city residing.

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