August 10, 2022

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Clever Stereo Camera Uses Sony Wireless Camera Modules

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Clever Stereo Camera Uses Sony Wireless Camera Modules

Stereophotography cameras are difficult to find, so we’re indebted to [DragonSkyRunner] for sharing their build of an exceptionally large-high quality case in point. A stereo camera has two different lenses and sensors a preset length apart, these types of that when the two ensuing illustrations or photos are viewed independently with every single eye there is a 3D impact. This digital camera takes two particular person Sony cameras and mounts them on a well-made wooden chassis, but that very simple description hides a considerably more fascinating and complicated fact.

Sony when tested pictures waters with the QX series — pair of unusual mirrorless digital camera models which took the type of just the sensor and lens.  A wireless relationship to a smartphone makes it possible for for show and information transfer. This build works by using two of these, with a pair of Android-running Odroid C2s standing in for the smartphones. Their HDMI video clip outputs are captured by a pair of HDMI seize products hooked up to a Raspberry Pi 4, and there are a few of Arduinos that simulate mouse inputs to the Odroids. It’s a bit of a Rube Goldberg system, but it makes it possible for the technique to use Sony’s unique digital camera software package. An specifically neat aspect is that the digital camera device and show unit can be parted for remote photography, making it an extremely adaptable digicam.

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