A Steam Engine For Empty Beer Cans

Maria J. Smith

If Hero — the historical Greek inventor — had been in a position to take pleasure in a beer right after operate, he may have pulled a trick like [BevCanTech] did: use it to make a simple steam motor. Of training course, we aren’t guaranteed why it has to be a beer can, but even with a soda can there is a essential trouble: the can is open up, assuming you’ve by now relished the beverage.

A force vessel with a massive gaping gap in it isn’t significantly of a strain vessel. The resealing method was basically really uncomplicated. Very first, you bend back the tab to close up the opening as greatest you can. Subsequent, you use cyanoacrylate glue and baking soda to seal up what is left. We questioned if you could use epoxy, hot glue, or UV-curable resin. The top rated might get far too incredibly hot for sizzling glue to past, but we aren’t sure.

Like Hero’s motor, this in all probability isn’t terribly practical, but it is enjoyment. Ultimately, the string twists up and you need a incredibly incredibly hot flame. The “methylated spirits” flame outlined is what People commonly contact denatured liquor. That is nothing more than alcoholic beverages that has additives to make it unpleasant for men and women to drink.

We have found this trick right before, but it essential emptying the can with out opening the principal gap. Straightforward steam engines like this are attributed to Hero, but he essentially invented quite a few points.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=7KNZyeWGRlw


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