5 Countries with the Most Hackers

Maria J. Smith
The Most Famous Hackers & Hacking Groups of Today | AVG

Not only seizing social media accounts, but these hackers also even inflict more complex losses.

Here are five countries are known to have the most dangerous hackers in the world,


This Asian country is known for its technological and economic progress. Likewise with the abilities of the hackers.

The survey said 30 percent of all hacking actions in the world were carried out by Chinese citizens.

Not just a fad, this attack is also suspected of being state sponsored against foreign governments and businesses.


The country, led by Vladimir Putin, is known as home to 30 highly skilled hacker groups.

Not only that, but this country is also accused of hacking various parties sponsored by the state.

No wonder the black-market value of cybercrime is worth 2 billion US dollars or Rp. 29 trillion.

United States of America

Hackers from the United States are the perpetrators of hacking in many countries around the world.

The target is not only social media accounts but also security systems.

In addition, the perpetrators of this hack also vary from ordinary people, cybercriminals, to government organizations.


This South American country is also the location with the highest number of hackers.

The hacks carried out also spread not only domestically but also abroad.

Generally, hackers from Brazil adapt tools and techniques from Eastern Europe.

Then these tools and techniques are combined with software from Russia, making them more complex and difficult to counter.


This fact may come as a surprise. But in fact, Indonesia is also a hotbed of great hackers in the world.

The 2016 survey report stated that the number of hacks from Indonesia continued to increase.

Overall, it turned out to account for 38 percent of all incidents worldwide in 2014.

Not only that but Indonesia is also said to have the highest botnet activity for the Southeast Asia region.

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